Explore Iran

Iran is a cradle of civilization with a combination of notable culture and mesmerizing nature.

What an excitement moments we could have when walking in adobe allies in Yazd , the diamond in the heart of Iran desert , or when visiting Persepolis , the fantastic ruins of the palace of great Achaemenid Empire in Shiraz or make a tour in one of the most beautiful square in the world , Naghshe Jahan in Isfahan , the brilliant gem of Iran. Even when we explore Tehran, the metropolitan capital of Iran, we could feel and witness the combination of modern and ancient life.

  • I don’t really see any safety problems for solo travelers. As I said, things like theft are rare, and the locals are ridiculously hospitable. In the major cities, tourists are everywhere, so it’s not like you would stick out in any way as being alone.”Shara Johnson , www.jessieonajourney.com”

    Shara Johnson
  • It was really worth the visit, and despite what the news say, it is very safe.”Jessica Kimmet , www.solotravelerworld.com”

    Jessica Kimmet
  • For the whole time I’ve spent there I didn’t encounter even one situation when I would have felt in danger or even uncomfortable. Unlike other countries that are top tourist destinations but can be challenging for solo women, Iran was completely safe! Iran really was probably the safest country I’ve ever visited!” Kami , www.mywanderlust.pl”